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      Don't get scammed  

Broker Warning! Don't get scammed

  Unfortunately we live in a world where there are people who try to deprive us of our hard earned money by foul means, and LGV Training is no exception to the rule, By it's own nature, its a high value industry and as such the training doesn't come cheaply and a prospective LGV drivers entering into the industry are at risk of being scammed and defrauded and possibly loosing all of their money, or in part unknowingly signing up with a broker who will hike the training prices just to introduce you to a training company leaving them taking a substantial introduction fee in the hundreds.

We have already said on other pages that a reputable LGV training Company will have no problems with you visiting them in person prior to training, Look for local companies with local STD coded phone numbers and local addresses, Avoid PO Boxes and National Numbers that make it difficult to trace a companies origin and legitimacy.

You shouldn't need to pay a deposit let alone have to pay all of the training fee up front, payment on the day  of your training is soon enough by anyone's standard

There are several articles online that highlight these issues, and with them all the companies are so very professional looking and convincing, with glossy websites, glossy information packs and guaranteed get you into work packages - If its too good to be true..................

Also be a little suspicious of LGV training companies who state they are Number 1, and have constantly high pass rates - This is of little use to you, as there is no governing body or association who records this information, so it's purely on the companies own hear say!

The truth of the matter is provided you receive adequate training (on average that would be a minimum of 20 hours) to prepare you for the Vocational Test and you manage to keep your nerves in check during the one hour or so test you will pass. Make a major mistake or have a lapse in concentration, well, we'll see you next week for a little more training and another test.


There are numerous YouTube videos on this topic, have a look below or have a search on YouTube

And a News Paper article too!


Please be careful, Do your homework, Don't pay any fee's up front, Look for local based companies, Ask around - word of mouth is invaluable.

I hope this information will at the very least highlight you to the risks that are out there, and as such prevent you from making a very easy and equally as expensive mistake.

Regards, DSA Registered Instructor James West CMILT FAIRSO

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