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Contact DSA Registered Instructor James West CMILT AIRSO on Telford 01952 406581


Covid 19 Important information on testing, please read the information below.

DVSA Resumption of Driver Services

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    AVT HGV Driver training, Telford       

Free Assessment Drive

In our Automatic vehicle fitted with Reversing Camera’s



On 20th March 2020, the final test will take place at Harlescott LGV DVSA Public Testing Centre. After this date the only option to test will be at either the Featherstone or Wrexham DVSA Public sites.

Fortunately, we have access to testing at a private testing site at Stafford Park. Our first available test will take place on Wednesday 1st April 2020.


  DVSA Examiner at this site each week.

  Test routes in and around the Telford area. Roads you have trained on and know.

   The same training vehicle and instructor daily AND no ‘cab sharing’ – all training conducted one to one.

  We can arrange your Theory & Hazard Perception tests.

 We also provide the Driver CPC Initial Qualification, Module 2 Theory Test, alongside our in-house Module 4 Training and Assessment by our own DVSA Qualified Assessor.

  We offer free driving assessments on all categories.

    AVT provide a one stop transparent solution for your HGV / LGV training requirements covering all categories (B+E, C1, C1+E, C & C+E PSV (D1, D) category H (Tracked Vehicles) in Telford, Shrewsbury, West Midlands and Wales.

We know that making the commitment and funding your training is often expensive and difficult. AVT has over 30 years experience in the driver training profession both as an instructor and former Driving Examiner.

This means Approved Vocational Training are up to date with all UK & EU laws and legislations, we maintain the training we provide at the high standard expected by industry professionaAVT offer expert 1 on 1 tuition for all categories of HGV, LGV, PSV and trailer training. With over 30 years in the LGV training industry we can make sure acquiring a new licence is as simple and cost effective as possible.

Many companies quote the ‘highest’ pass rates? Please check these with the DSA, you will find that our company has extremely high pass rates for ALL training types.

We conduct training on a 1 to 1 basis and offer up to date modern training vehicles for your lessons and test, we pre-book your driving test in advance. Training can commence from Telford or Shrewsbury.

AVT training vehicles are specially selected for their suitability for training, and all are fitted with both reversing and rear facing cameras. This is particularly useful for the reversing manoeuvre.

 It is no longer possible for a haulier to purchase a new vehicle with a gearbox, all new LGV’s are now manufactured with an automatic gearbox. This takes a lot of the hard work and stress out of driving LGV! For that reason, the DSA/DVSA has sanctioned the use of auto trucks for driver training and testing. You will still be granted a manual licence after passing on an auto.

We offer you the option of training and test using automatic or manual test vehicles. Most of our clients prefer to train in an auto, then take advantage of our half or full day manual 8 speed gearbox conversion. This is of course optional.

Pass your test on an Automatic truck and get your full LGV / HGV licence (Manual & Automatic)

• Easy to learn
• Quicker to pass
• Smaller amount of training needed
• Less cost to get your C and C+E Licence
  HGV Driver Training Telford with Approved Vocational Training  
    driver cpc courses in shrewsbury        
We run HGV / LGV Driver CPC Training Modules on a regular basis, covering Telford, Shrewsbury, West Midlands and Wales, avoid driving illegally and earning a £1000 fine.

As a professional Driver you must complete 35 hours periodic training every 5 years and carry your
Driver Qualification Card when driving
, Download a Driver CPC Information Booklet.

Times running out! All HGV / LGV Professional Drivers must have a valid Driver CPC Qualification Card on or before September 9th 2014 to continue driving professionally in the UK.

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